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Synthetic Vitamins vs. Whole Food Supplements

           Synthetic Vitamins vs. Whole Food Supplements adapted by doctorjames 

 Synthetic vitamins are man made. They are concentrated chemical ingredients. Most companies get their “vitamins” or chemicals  from a left over process of some other company’s manufacturing process. Essentially, they are buying the byproduct of what would have gone to waste, but the company found a buyer for it, instead of having to pay for it to go to the dump! This happens with fluoride that is found in our tap water…it is a waste product that they would have to pay dearly to get rid of…instead, municipalities started buying it up from these companies even though it is in the wrong form for us to receive any benefit from it!  It is unfortunately very toxic and wreaks havoc on our thyroids. 
The whole fluoride concept was introduced because of some people in Texas having better teeth. They studied the land and found it was high in certain things, and one of them being fluoride. So what happens, we jump to conclusions and begin putting it in everything. The problem is we are not using it in the form that it’s found in when it’s in the ground. They are two different compounds! Why we do this…I don’t know, but it does cause serious problems. 

 Getting back to synthetic, man made, or isolated vitamins that are supposed to be good for us. When man thinks he is smart enough to reproduce nature, we always run into problems! This is why we can overdose on Vitamin A in its synthetic form. It actually becomes poisonous. The reason synthetic vitamins become toxic is because they are not “alive” so to speak. They are not composed of everything they should be. If it were found in nature, it wouldn’t be just ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). It would be a Vitamin C complex. This vitamin is packed full of minerals, enzymes, and co-factors that make it what it is. You see, man has figured out yet another way to fool us, by stripping vitamin C of all its parts but then it no longer works like it is supposed to! Take a watch for example…if you take out parts of the watch that are essential for its function, the watch won’t work…even though you put the most expensive battery you could find in it! It doesn’t have function and that is what is important…so don't buy vitamins that don’t function! Would you really buy a watch that looks nice but doesn’t keep time? 

 I am sure you have all met the person that starts taking this vitamin or that vitamin and says their energy has already increased! And you think, WOW! Maybe I should try it. You try it, maybe you get energy, maybe you don’t, but here is the kicker…sooner or later it wears off!  This is the crux of vitamins in their synthetic form. They are all about quantity because companies can market that. As Americans, we love numbers and we buy things because of numbers! We always buy the one that has the most “stuff” in it. And that isn’t even enough. Instead of taking it the way it is recommended, we take 4, 6, or 8 a day! A lot of people have the mentality, “if one is good, then 2 must be better!”  

 Here is what you have to understand. RDA’s are only there as a guide to determine what we need only to prevent a condition. Take the RDA for vitamin C for example.  The recommended amount is that which prevents scurvy! In fact, when scurvy was rampant they found they could treat this with a very minimal amount of lime zest or juice…not even the whole lime! I guarantee you there aren’t a lot of milligrams or grams of vitamin C in a lime, or an orange for that matter. You see, when it is in whole form it is about quality, not quantity! It has everything in that lime to make it function. In fact, some of the hormones in our bodies are used on one part per million or billion…a infinitely small amount! So, do we really need to worry about milligrams of this or that? If you are worried then they have marketed correctly! I am here to tell you that these synthetic “vitamins” are not health producing. They actually cause what is known as a rebound effect. They go into the body and act like a vacuum because they don’t have everything they need to perform their function. So, when ascorbic acid goes in, it needs to rob and steal other parts from your body to make it function again. When you keep putting these vitamins into your body, eventually you deplete it of necessary minerals, enzymes and co-factors and you feel worse than when you started on the vitamins! 

 Whole food vitamins are different. They are actually food bound up into a pill form. They do not have much for quantity (as compared to an RDA listing) in them, but they do have the most important part…THE FUNCTION! They are composed of everything they need to function in the body. They build the body up instead of vacuuming it or depleting it. People on whole food vitamins just get more and more healthy without a rebound effect! Take carrot root for example, which is in most of the supplements I carry, it is composed of over 200 nutrients! That is more than what is usually printed on the side of any vitamin container, but they don’t take time to print every one of these nutrients that make up carrot root on the side of the container.  The container isn’t big enough!! Every time a new vitamin or nutrient is discovered, we find it’s in carrot root. 

 My point is that in whole food form, supplements contain millions if not billions of molecules that go a long way to improve our health. This is by far better than some synthetic multi-vitamin at some store that has 40 man made chemicals in it! What would you rather have, a product with 40 highly potent chemicals, or a product with millions of  “nutrients” that are aimed to feed your cells? 

 We will never know all the molecules in a fruit, vegetable, leaf, plant, bark, stem, root, etc. The important thing to understand is that we don’t need to know! We know they are good for us and that is all that matters! You read the hype everyday…blueberries are good for this, spinach is good for this, yogurt is good for this, acai is good for this, walnuts are good for this and while I agree,  we shouldn’t just concentrate on certain foods. We should eat a variety of wholesome food because it is good for us. You can get all kinds of fruits and vegetables everyday by making a smoothie.  This will go along way to improve your health. Chances are it contains what your body needs because it is in whole food form. You can get a great smoothie maker at www.vitamix.com and a great juicer at omjuicers.com.  

 The moral of the story is don’t settle for any vitamin unless it is in its whole form. A vitamin is a synthetically derived chemical whereas a supplement is a whole food nutrient. These are two very different things. Don’t ever confuse synthetic vitamins with whole food supplements. An easy rule of thumb to remember is that a synthetic vitamin will deplete you whereas a whole food supplement will build you up because the supplement is composed of whole molecules, not just bits and pieces. By the way, antioxidants are found in every fruit and vegetable. They are never found alone in nature, just like the complex of vitamins. They are found in food!

 What needs to really happen is a lifestyle change where we begin to eat whole foods again! Good old raw, whole foods.  You may remember gardening as youngsters and eating pea pods, carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes straight from the garden only pausing to wipe them off with your shirt! This is what we need to get back to. Let the food be the way to health! As Thomas Edison once said, “The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” 
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