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Why You Need Whole Food Supplements
Explore wholesome nutrition with Standard Process and its benefits to your health. Given the proper nutrition, your body has the amazing capability of keeping itself healthy.
Do you desire better physical and emotional health?  Are you aware there is a connection between the health of your mind and the health of  your body?  
According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, "...a new field has emerged which is starting to combine the latest in the neurosciences with the latest in immunology to provide the scientific basis for understanding relationships between emotions and disease.." ( http://www.nlm.nih.gov/exhibition/emotions/frontiers.html ). 
Holistic Alternatives is devoted to serving your body and your  mind.  The definition of holistic is, " relating to or concerned with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts <holistic medicine attempts to treat both the mind and the body>."  

To achieve optimum health, it's imperative to use quality products. You can be assured that Standard Process whole food concentrates and Young Living essential oils are products you can trust.

Explore wholesome nutrition with Standard Process and the benefits it can have on your health. Given the proper nutrition, your body has an amazing ability to heal itself.  Disease begins at the cellular level before you are even aware of the changes taking place inside your body. Our bodies were divinely designed for survival. A symptom is a signal from the body that tells us something is wrong and it can sometimes take many years before the warning signs that we call symptoms, actually appear.
Cellular changes take place inside the body as it attempts to "adapt"  to its environment. The process of life or death begins in the cell, and in order to be healthy, one of the very important issues we must address is the status of the body's nutritional needs and deal with the root issue/s.  Long-standing nutritional deficiencies have become common-place because we don't eat the foods that are high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients. I recommend these supplements to help meet the body's nutritional demands as well as to bridge the gap between what we eat and what we should eat. 
Taking supplements isn't an excuse to ignore our food choices!  We must eat a diet rich in a variety of raw vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, legumes, beans, healthy fats (like organic coconut oil & extra virgin olive oil), organic meat and wild caught (as opposed to farm raised) fatty fish like salmon.  Eliminating sugar and the foods that turn into sugar, such as refined flour products like breads, pasta, crackers, etc., and grains (even too many whole grains will be converted into sugar), trans fats, GMO foods, margarine, canola oil and commercial dairy will be critical if you want to increase health, vitality and longevity.  We also must incorporate exercise into our lifestyle. Find an enjoyable form of excercise that will keep you motivated. Just get moving! It'll help increase circulation and oxygenation. The health benefits go far beyond weight loss!


                                                                   ESSENTIAL OILS:

We cannot forget about the importance of a healthy mind! A well-balanced emotional state is imperative to a healthy physical state.  Therapeutic-grade essential oils can address our emotional health as well as our physical health! It is well documented that stress, and emotions like anger, anxiety and frustration (to name a few), can have  negative effects on our health.  (Read: Emotional Release with Essential Oils, on my Article page).  

Essential oils (EO's) have been used for centuries, as evidenced by Old Testament scriptures. Their applications are numerous and because of the very nature of the hundreds of chemical constituents found in a therapeutic grade EO, they can be very beneficial for physical and emotional health.There have been numerous studies on the use and efficacy of EO's.  The chemical compounds of an EO give them the ability to fight infections and stimulate the limbic system of the brain, known as the "seat of emotions".  EO's have a chemical structure similar to that found in human cells and tissues, and due to their small molecular size, they penetrate the skin very quickly and are capable of penetrating cell walls, including those that have hardened as a result of oxygen deficiency.  The very nature of EO's is that they are oxygenating molecules, which not only increase oxygen to cells, but they also help transport nutrients to cells. 
EO's stimulate immune function and the regeneration of damaged tissue. According to scientific literature, the unique and complex structure of EO's give them the ability to combact infectious diseases by killing viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. There have been numerous studies on the efficacy of essential oils and the positive affects they have on our cells. 

EO's have a bioelectrical frequency that is several times greater than the frequency of herbs, food and even the human body. Clinical research has shown that EO's can quickly raise the frequency of the human body which can help combat disease and promote health.  Within just 20 minutes of application, EO's have been shown to affect the internal cells of the body and then are metabolized like other nutrients.

I only recommend Young Living essential oils. According to Dr. David Stewart, PhD, Director of the Center of Aromatherapy Research and Education,  and author of  The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple, states, "Young Living's 'Therapeutic Grade' standard takes into account everything from planting the seed to marketing the oil. With Young Living, 'Therapeutic Grade' means there has been verification of the correct species when the seed was planted, the purity and manner of cultivation (no chemicals or nearby pollution, etc.), the proper time of harvest to optimize the healing properties in the oil, the proper manner of distillation to capture all of the therapeutic compounds, the right chemical composition as determined by sophisticated laboratory tests, and the purity of the packaging--i.e. nothing added, nothing taken away, stored in light-protected containers (amber or blue bottles) of glass, ceramic, Teflon, or stainless steel, and kept in a suitable environment of appropriate temperatures. All of this is taken into account with Young Living's definition of 'Therapeutic Grade.' No other company maintains or can claim such a standard, even though they may use the word."

The essential oil techniques include:

If you are interested in ordering essential oils, please visit my Young Living website @ www.youngliving.org/devault
If you would like to order oils at wholesale prices, create your own account with Young Living right from my web site and be sure to choose "Independent Distributor". Talk to me about details or call me if you have questions. Otherwise, select "Customer" as your order option. 

If you would like to bless someone, Gift Certificates for all of my services are available!

Please check back frequently for  updates and new information. I am honored to serve you.

In health,

Please note: Holistic Alternatives is not in any way affilitated with Standard Process. Holistic Alternatives is not endorsed or sponsored by Standard Process and the opinions expressed by Holistic Alternatives do not necessarily express the opinion of Standard Process. Standard Process products are dietary supplements and are not used with the intention to treat, cure, or prevent disease. In addition, Karen does not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease and her services are not intended as a substitute for regular medical care.
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